The desire for natural skin care products started in the late 1970s when people began to question the safety of chemicals used in personal care offerings. San Diego native Jean Shea, BIOTONE founder, and president joined the natural products focus with her large mixing pot and a homemade mixer. She created her first product, Chamomile Moisture Lotion, which she sold through health food stores.

As her business grew, she moved from her home into a small office in the same neighborhood as a massage school. When the school director approached her and asked if she could formulate massage products for the school, BIOTONE was born. BIOTONE grew from making one massage oil to making hundreds of professional products for therapists in health, wellness, and medical clinics throughout the United States and abroad.

Today, BIOTONE provides a full line of quality massage oils, cremes, lotions, gels, and professional spa body and body care products. The original company commitment has stayed the same: to develop products that are innovative and quality-driven. The company has maintained its industry-leading position by providing a wide range of products to meet massage therapists and estheticians and their clients' various preferences. The same commitment to making the first products goes into making every product produced by BIOTONE. Decades ago, the values set still exist today—to provide products with the highest quality used by professionals and those they serve.

Jean now and then