Winter Open House 2020

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Deep Tissue Thai Massage


Combine two of the most popular and effective massage modalities - Deep Tissue and Table Thai. Deep Tissue Thai is a perfect blend of East and West
that achieves a greater range of benefits than the traditional methods while being less taxing on your body. Deep Tissue Thai is a great example of
working smarter, not harder, and delivering more effective treatments. Join us at this introductory course on Deep Tissue Thai and learn how to
add it to your services.



Thai Neuromuscular Therapy

Thai NMT is a clinical form of Thai Massage that deals with specific muscular and skeletal dysfunctions. Borrowing from Neuromuscular Therapy, practitioners
focus on restoring healthy function in such conditions as chronic back pain, whiplash, sciatica, brachial plexus nerve entrapment, rotator cuff tears, and
tendonitis, the runner's knee, and many more. Slava Kolpakov, LMT, created Thai NMT in 2007 while working with Boston College athletics and hundreds
of Boston Marathoners. This short demonstration introduces attendees to Thai NMT with three or four demo treatments for any requested condition.





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