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Free BIOTONE Open House Event

Free BIOTONE Open House Event

Monday, February 25th | 10am - 1:30pm
4757 Old Cliffs Rd., San Diego, CA 92120




Table Thai Massage

Stretch, relax and energize your clients with a dynamic Thai massage. Therapists will learn a sequence of traditional Thai massage techniques covering Supine, Prone, and Side-lying positions, and practitioner's body mechanics.


Thai Sports Massage

Help to prepare and rehabilitate your more active client’s bodies for optimal performance with a sequence of pre-event and post-event Sports massage focusing on specific areas: Foot and Lower Leg treatment, Hips and Pelvis, Spine, ribcage, posterior shoulders, and Anterior shoulders and Neck.


New Guest Instructor!  

Meet Slava Kolpakov who will be teaching new techniques in Table Thai and Thai Sports Massage. Learn from the best, he comes with many years’ of experience as a massage therapy instructor, business owner and yoga therapist. Don’t miss this event. Come join us and learn these new treatments for a new season.


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* $39.00 reg. fee required to receive CE credits


* Must Be Entered

Learn new treatments, get a gift, network with others, and receive product discounts.

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