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Summer Open House 2018

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Free BIOTONE Open House Event

Monday, August 12th | 10am - 1:30pm
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Thai Herbal Ball Massage

An effective treatment for sore, fatigued, and chronically tight muscles, and stiff and achy joints.Traditional Thai herbs, along with CBD Massage
Oil are combined in one treatment to offer soothing anti-inflammatory properties. The herbs are collectedin cloth balls soaked in hot water and applied directly
to the skin. Legends speak about ancient Thaiwarriors using Thai herbal ball massage to soothe andrecuperate their bodies after battle. Nowadays, it’s still
a great complement to a massage therapist’s skill set.



Thai Massage Hot Stone Combination

As with traditional Hot Stone treatments, this combination of Thai Massage with Hot Stones works well to melt away deep muscle tension and
pain. Hot basalt stones are used dynamically and statically to get heat deep into specific muscles and fascia to release tension patterns. 
Thai compression and stretching techniques become more effective when the muscles are softened with the Hot Stone application.
Bring your clients to a place of relief and relaxation with this soothing treatment.




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