Don’t just take a seat……get a lift

Last month I talked about how to differentiate you from the pack, specifically with seated massage.  Whether you are using it as your main business model or only participating in events as a way to market yourself, it’s important to stand out in a memorable way. To be talked about…in a good way. 

I had mentioned that I have a basket of tools, protocols, and added value treatments that I like to utilize. All are meant to enhance the experience for the client, add to my marketability, and increase effectiveness while lessening the wear and tear on my body I wanted to share a few with you and encourage you to try them out.


Additional Supplies List:

Pair Heated Mitts with extension cord

Roll of Soft blue disposable shop towels with a cut slit to accommodate face cradle (if needed)

Plastic paraffin bags (I use “bread bags” bought at the grocery store, much more economical)

Biotone Polar Lotion

Orange essential oil

Peppermint essential oil

Biotone Hydrating Mask

Old Fashioned clothes pins (they are round headed and found in crafting stores)

Spray bottle


Replenishing Hand Treatment: This combo of product and heat will melt the tension while replenishing their dried out/aging appearance

Apply customized (a couple of drops of Biotone’s Sore Muscle relieving Customizing complex) Body Lux Hydrating Wrap to hands, cover with bags and heated mitts. Let sit while client receives cervical and shoulder work. After completing neck take mitts off. Dispose of bags and proceed with a good hand massage using the mask as your medium.  You can use the shop towel at the collar to wipe off any excess mask that remains. I like to use the wooden rounded clothes pins to perform the hand massage and then give it to the client to remember me by.  You’ve already showed them how to use it.


Reviving Neck Treatment: This combo of Polar Lotion and Orange will provide a tingling and cooling sensation that mentally revives while it releases tension. 

This can be a quick stand alone lagniappe ( bonus) or the transition at the end of your regular routine. Tuck a blue towel into the collar if applicable. Apply Polar (with a couple of drops added Orange aromatherapy) to neck and massage as needed.  Then have the client sit up; close their eyes and while holding your hands in front of their nose take three deep breaths and inhale the reviving aroma.  Take your finger tips and place them at the temples (far from the eyes) and perform tension releasing compression and circles.


Refreshing Foot Treatment:

At the end of their session have clients kick off shoes, Shake up your sprayer with the peppermint/orange/water synergy and gently spritz their feet (and shoes if they would like) Notice that we are staying in the same scentscape as the neck to provide a true head to toe experience.

As always I am out of time before I get to share everything I would like with you.  These are just a few of many many options.    I have used this fusion style of massage and therapeutic spa for years and if you have ever attended one of my Biotone workshops or classes these should sound familiar. The protocols are designed to support wellness goals and upgrade the services you as therapists already perform during massage. Emphasis is on being more effective, creative and marketable by elevating their experience by going the extra mile.

Be well, Do good work, and write us about your tips and tricks.