It’s Summertime and the Living is Easy

August is summer’s last hurrah! Our clients have enjoyed a more relaxed schedule and are facing getting back in their school year routine. Why not celebrate all that makes summer great and help soften the transition. It just so happens that this month is chock full of “Celebration Days” including:

Aug 14 Creamsicle Day –paradise of oranges and vanilla

Aug 15 Relaxation Day – breathing deep and easy

Aug 19 World Photo Day – picture perfect wellness

Any one of these days could inspire a great promotion. I’m planning on combining all three of them for a month long social media event. I had read that the human desire to capture moments and memories and share them with others is as old as the history of humankind itself.   Since most of my clients take lots of photos, especially at vacation, I started thinking…..  So in August I will challenge clients to post, on our social media, their best picture that represents a weekly theme focused on the gifts of summer:  Natural Beauty; Citrus Sensations; Chillin; and Sizzling Summer.  Whosever entry receives the most responses will be awarded gift certificates for services.

Special Promotion Menu: Focus on the playfulness and brightness of citrus. As usual, Biotone has quite a few protocol suggestions on their website such as: Citrus Berry Bliss; Mango Madness; Summer Citrus Squeeze; Citrus Wrap Protocol.

Lagniappe (complimentary): For everyone who participates in the Photo Promo - offer a Creamsicle Torso Exfoliation:  ½ oz micro polish, 5 drops Milk and Honey and a few drops of Mango and Mandarin Spa Complexes.  It smells good enough to eat and feels good enough to touch. 

Retail Feature: Promote Berry BlissPomegranate & Berry Body Butters and Lotions as the perfect way to help your clients extend their experience at home.

Wellness Education: In physics and chemistry, relaxation is a concept that refers to the movement of a system or a process from a state of disorder or disruption to equilibrium. Remind clients that amid the hustle and bustle of returning to their more hectic schedule, massage is a great way to keep their equilibrium. You can partner with a life coach, yoga center or other wellness professionals to create an educational event sharing ways to self care with relaxation techniques.

Scentscape:  if you haven’t offered spa waters, now is the time.  Adding sliced grapefruit, lemon and limes make a beautiful and refreshing sensory treat. Place bowls of oranges and tangerines around for clients to enjoy. If you use a diffuser or room sprays- look at blending a special uplifting synergy. You can’t go wrong with blending any citruses but you will want to add a middle or base note so consider a touch of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Ginger, and/or Patchouli to give it some longevity. If you want pure brightness then add a mint to the mix.  If you don’t know where to start use a synergy like Biotone’s Inspiration.

“I knew that sunny citrus helped put things in focus, sharpened the memory, just like a squeeze of lemon juice could sharpen and clarify the taste of sweet fruit. “ Judith M. Fertig, The Memory of Lemon

Be well, Do good work, and play hard!