Are any of your clients looking for skin lightening treatments?  The global market for skin lightening products is on the rise. Global Industry Analysts projects the market in the U.S. alone will reach $31 billion by 2024. While there is a growing demand for skin lightening products in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the reports notes, “Revenue growth in the market also benefits from growing consumer demand for multifunctional anti-aging solutions and the resulting use of skin lightening ingredients.”


Skin lightening products work by reducing melanin, a pigment in the skin, explains WebMD.  While skin lighteners are used to treat such problems as freckles, age spots, discoloration and acne scars, as the market report notes, they increasingly are being used to lighten naturally dark skin.


Skin lightening products aren’t only for women, either. Future Market Insights reports that “Skin lightening products aren’t famous or limited to women, but also among men too. Personal grooming is gaining a lot of popularity and men aren’t ashamed to be called as ‘Metrosexuals’.”



BIOTONE in the market


Earlier this year, BIOTONE entered the skin lightening market with Better Bright™, a complete facial treatment system for clients to soften, lighten, and refresh skin to make it brighter and more flawlessly radiant.  Better Bright spa at home products contain powerfully concentrated skin-brightening agents that work synergistically to brighten and lighten skin without the use of harsh chemicals.  Working in combination, alpha hydroxy acids, herbal extracts and Niacinamide start to reveal lighter and brighter skin tone in as little as 14 days


Better Bright products also contain lightening extracts of Mulberry, Bearberry and Licorice to provide the best possible results. Selecting the gold standard in alpha hydroxy acids, Glycolic, Lactic, Kojic and Salicylic exfoliate and brighten promoting effective and safe results. 


The new Better Bright treatment system includes:


Better Bright Cleanser gently cleanses as it lightens and brightens. Infused with skin-illuminating actives of Glycolic and Salicylic acids and extracts of Mulberry, Bearberry and Licorice, it helps even skin tone and minimizes hyperpigmentation.


Better Bright Micro-Refiner refines the skin to minimize pores, reduce hyperpigmentation, diminish fine lines and promote cell renewal. Pumice micro crystals and eco-friendly buffing beads gently exfoliate to remove damaged surface cells. Lactic acid enhances skin tone as extracts of Mulberry, Bearberry and Licorice help continue the brightening process.


Better Bright Advanced Night Treatment contains triple brightening actives of Glycolic, Salicylic and Kojic acids to fade freckles, age spots and uneven skin tone.  It also helps repair the visible signs of skin aging to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.  Extracts of Mulberry, Bearberry and Licorice work together with actives to boost the brightening process.


Better Bright Everyday Brightener includes Lactic and Glycolic acids to fade freckles, age spots and uneven skin tone. Mulberry, Bearberry and Licorice extracts boost the brightening process. The Everyday Brightener deeply moisturizes to help delay the signs of skin aging and gentle exfoliates to help diminish hyperpigmentation.


Better Bright Sunblock SPF50 shields the skin from harmful UV rays to help prevent sun damage and premature aging.  Its lightweight, long lasting texture absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. Extracts of Mulberry, Bearberry and Licorice help continue the brightening process. Better Bright Sunblock binds in moisture to enhance protection against collagen damage to keep skin looking healthy and young.


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