Reinforce your brand message to make it stick

Whether your spa or massage practice client base includes 30 or 300, your business has a brand identity. That identity is the collective perception of your business among clients shaped by a number of factors. Your logo and the other visuals that you employ in marketing contribute to your brand identity. Interactions with your spa or massage practice team also are part of your brand. Interactions start the first time someone calls in to ask questions or book an appointment and continue through reception and, of course, the treatment session itself. Even the selection of at-home product offerings is part of your brand identity.

If you want to see how all of these elements influence the perception of your spa or massage practice, just look at a review on Yelp or Google. Among companies that get five stars, the comments about expertise, professionalism, customer service and more all tend to be about the same. These companies have set standards for the way they conduct their business and strive to be consistent.

Continually promote your brand     

Once you’ve established your brand, there are ways to promote it so that your message is continually reinforced in the marketplace. Here’s how:

Be visible: Make sure that all your correspondence with customers, from email alerts to newsletters and social media postings, features your logo and has the colors and style that align with your brand.

Newsletter: About newsletters, while they can be time consuming, they are a very effective way to stay in front of clients and reinforce your brand.  They keep clients up to date on your spa or massage practice and also provide you with an opportunity to educate clients about new skin or massage treatments, products and industry trends that align with your business mission and philosophy.

Leverage social media: Don’t employ social media to sell your products and service, although keeping clients up to date through social postings is expected. Use social media to share tips, information, opinions and more that reinforce what your spa or massage practice believes and stands for. The type of content you share reflects what you value as a company. 

Send holiday cards: Send your customers holiday and special occasion cards for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It shows that you are thinking about them, and by virtue of your message, cards reinforce your brand. You may want to offer a special tip healthcare, being good to yourself, having a positive attitude or whatever else is appropriate that aligns with the philosophy and mission of your spa or massage practice. Sending cars also is a good reminder about your dedication to outstanding customer service.

When it comes to reinforcing your brand message, consistency and frequency are extremely important. Once your brand is solidly established in the market, clients will help become your messengers.