Promoting Good Health, Good Luck and Happiness in the Treatment Room

These three things are traditionally what the three petals of the shamrock stand for and I am dedicating the month of March to promoting and celebrating just that.  Why am I talking about March the week after New Years?  If you remember, in my last blog I outlined my plans to offer a year of giving backThis includes ideas about networking, awareness, and educational opportunities. Since last month I introduced ideas for January and February, we are moving onto enchanted March –“….the time to begin transforming winters dreams into summer’s magic” Adrienne Cook

March is all about celebrating the Luck of the Irish. This includes celebrating all things green. That can be Green Tea, Seaweed, mint, eucalyptus etc.   It can also mean tapping into the current whiskey and craft beer trends (pun intended).  March is also the month of National Save your Vision.

Special Offer: Exfoliation treatments.  You can offer them as an enhancement to your other treatments or a stand alone.  You can provide full body* or localized areas such as the back, hands and feet. Some creative ways to tie in your treatments with the theme is to take the Biotone products you already have and add a little something something.

            Pot of Gold

A pinch of non-alcoholic food grade Bourbon powder (or fragrance oil) to 2 oz Biotone’s Milk and Honey Sugar Body Polish.  Or add a pinch of the Bourbon powder and 20 drops of Milk and Honey Customizing Complex to 2oz of Soothing Massage Butter for a beautiful massage medium.  This treatment feels luxurious and comforting at the same time.


            Emerald Isle

Combine 1/2 -1 tsp of Matcha green tea and 20 drops of Green Tea and Lime Leaf Spa Complex in 2 oz of Exfoli-Sea Salt Glow.  Finish up with Green Tea & Lime Leaf Hydrating Body Butter. In addition to providing the well known antioxidants in green tea, it’s guaranteed to bring the promise of spring into your treatment room.


            Green with Envy

Check out Biotone’s Bare Your Sole Protocol sheet.   Make it even more special by adding a local craft beer to the footbath water (a great way to network with local business). The benefits of Hops (besides beer) are legendary and include relaxing muscles, relieving anxiety,calming the mind and skin irritations.  You can also find it in tincture and essential oil forms.  I will definitely be exploring it more in this next year.

* Follow protocols in BIOTONE Spa Brochure


Lagniappe (complimentary)- Incorporate ” Irish Eyes are Smiling” treatment into every massage. This involves alternating cool and warm stones massaged in a figure 8 patterns around the eyes.  You can also activate acupressure sinus points.  Utilizing warm and cool gel eye masks is also a simple and effective experience for clients.  Don’t forget to offer something special for people who come in wearing green.

Retail- Gel eye Masks. You might consider donating the profits to a local or national organization that offers support for people with sight challenges. 

Wellness Education – Since this month is National Save your Vision Month.  Provide handouts on the benefits of taking care of your eyes.  This is sponsored by the American Optometric Association they are a good source for information.  This sounds like a great opportunity to reach out to Eyecare professionals in your area for a joint awareness program. 

Just for Fun – Print off a bunch of different Irish blessings and quotes; tie them to a tree or place in a bowl for clients to pick from and take with them.

I’m closing with a favorite Irish saying that I picked for you:

May the dreams you hold dearest be those which come true

And the kindness you spread keep returning to you

Be well, Do good work, and make this your story.