Seven ways to overcome self-doubt to take on new challenges at your spa or massage practice

Is self-doubt holding you back from making that next big move that could move your spa or massage practice to the next level? Even with a number of successes under your belt, it’s not at all uncommon to feel uncertain about meeting a new challenge or taking a risk. Maybe you want to branch out into a new area of massage therapy – sports massage, trigger point massage, reflexology or others– and worry about your ability to learn something new considering all the other demands of running your business.

In some cases, a little bit of self-doubt is healthy. It can keep you from becoming overly confident, which can lead you to make poor choices or ignore warning signs. Still, if you self-doubt holding you back, here are seven ways shake it off:

Recognize what’s troubling you: Find out what’s at the heart of your fears. Write down yours thoughts, if necessary. When you can see the conflict you have, you can begin to deal with it.

Get new inputs:  Are you processing the same thoughts every time you face a new challenge? The answer may be to change the inputs. Find out how others deal with challenges. Read more articles or books on business and dealing with risk to find new ways to look at situations.  By changing the input, you can change the outcome.

Challenge yourself: Don’t let your negative thoughts take hold. If one of your concerns is that you struggle to learn new things; make a list of all your accomplishments where you tackled new skills and complex problems.

Don’t compare yourself to others: Your concern about what others think and whether or not you are successful may contribute to your self-doubt.  Do not compare yourself others or let their success hold you back from taking risks. Set your own benchmark for success.

Find an advisor: Find someone you trust and seek advice from. Look for someone who has gone through a similar situation and find out how they dealt with it. You’ll probably find they too had doubts but worked through them.

Create scenarios: Make a list of worst case scenarios and create plans for dealing with each situation. By working out options should things not work out as you hope; you may be able to alleviate the anxiety that is holding you back.

Surround yourself with positive people: The last thing you need when you are feeling self-doubt is to be around others who shy away from taking risks or see the glass as half empty. Surround yourself with positive thinking people who energize you with their enthusiasm.

Remember that self-doubt is natural. Face your fears, work through them and you will succeed. Even if you experience setbacks along the way, learn from them to bolster your confidence and resolve.