Make the most of this Mother’s Day at your spa or massage practice

While customs may vary from country to country, Mother’s Day is one holiday that spans the globe. It’s celebrated in 40 countries, even though the actual date may vary. In the U.S., we celebrate the day thanks to President Wilson who signed a bill in 1914 making the second Sunday in May our official day to celebrate moms.


But the history of Mother’s Day in the U.S. goes back even further. During the Civil Way, there was an effort to promote peace by celebrating mothers.  Julia Ward, a woman’s rights advocate, proposed establishing an annual Mother’s Day Peace to take place on June 2 each year. However, the idea didn’t gain ground until 1908. That year Ann Reeves Jarvis planned the first Mother’s Day celebration at her church in Grafton, West Virginia, and lobbied for the day to be made an official holiday.


Today, Mother’s Day ranks as one of the biggest gift-giving holidays of the year. Last year, Americans spend on the day honoring our moms was forecast to reach a record-setting $23.6 billion with 24.2 percent of those dollars spent on a personals service, such as a day spa. This year should be no different, so you want to make sure your spa or massage practice makes the most of this special day for moms to boost their spirits and your bottom line.


Promote the day


Send out an email: Send an email reminder to clients and prospects about your Mother’s Day treatments and special packages, retail items and gift cards and certificates. Include website links to your special promotions and gift certificate purchase page as well as to your online bookings, if you provide that option.


Recommend gift ideas on social media: Post photos of some of your retail items as well as your gift cards on your social media channels. Also do a blog on last-minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day.


Answer callers with a Mother’s Day message: Create a short greeting about Mother’s Day for your receptionist to use as you get closer to the holiday.  If you use an answering machine to take calls after hours, make sure to record a message on there as well.


Text last minute offers:  Text a last-minute special offer to select clients if they haven’t already booked an appointment. If they have an appointment, offer them a reduction on a retail item.


Get your business ready


Getting people to your spa for Mother’s Day takes time and focus. Making sure your spa or massage business delights your special guests from the minute they walk through your door. Take time to critique every aspect of your business from the look of your retail section to the attitude and responsiveness of the staff. Plan to have fresh flowers on hand as well as special coffee and tea drinks and pastries to add a welcoming touch to the day.


Turn first timers into repeat customers


Don’t let Moms go home empty handed. Give them something to remember the wonderful experience they had at your spa or massage business. Think about a special gift to send home with Mom, such as a sample of one of the products used in her treatment. Even a small bottle of champagne, a rose and chocolates makes a lovely reminder of her day of pampering and relaxation.