Make Your Practice Golden

Can we talk?  Aging stinks until we realize what a privilege it is to be able to do just that.  If aging is a privilege then healthy aging is a choice.  A choice we as massage therapists can model and market.   September is the month to support healthy aging as a time to celebrate life and commit to a more positive outlook on growing older.  It’s also the month to remind people that our youngest and most vulnerable are fighting for their lives against cancer and the chance to age.   So I’m dedicating September to bringing awareness about both.

Bringing all the gold together - Children are our gold standard, they are out greatest treasure.   Coincidentally our later days are often referred to our Golden Years.  And when I think of gold in my treatment room I always think of Honey. Sooooooooo   The easiest way to bring the benefits of honey into your treatments is to use Biotone’s Milk and Honey Spa Complex in my lotions and potions.  My favorite way is to perform a reverse tapotament  technique on the lips, face and/or body featuring Honey as it’s star ingredient.

Special Promotion Menu: Focus on the comforting and nourishing benefits of honey. Biotone has quite a few protocol suggestions on their website such as: Autumn Glow Restoration Wrap and Sweet Treat. I wanted to share my Golden Lip Treatment with honey serum.

Honey Lip Serum:

Mix :

1Tbsp Honey

1 Tbsp Aloe Vera gel

1 Vit E capsule

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Clary Sage

Apply and Perform Massage on the lips and surrounding area: (avoid pulling skin)

            Perform gentle reverse Tapotament

            Perform Myofacial techniques

Remove residual product with warm wet towel (optional)

Apply a Beeswax based Lip Balm


Lagniappe (complimentary): Offer a Golden Lip Treatment. I’m also planning to order temporary tattoos that feature the symbolic gold ribbon for a fun touch on clients and encourage donations to a charity that supports pediatric cancer research or patient support. Our nail technician is looking into offering a gold glitter nail polish detail with ribbon decal, for donations as well.  How fun is it to creatively pair up with others in a good cause.

Retail Feature: Promote Milk & Honey Ambiance Aroma Room Mist: “Warm, addictive comfort. Spray a mist of fragrance into the air and inspire memories of sweet, happy celebrations.”  

Wellness Education: There are so many resources for information on Healthy Aging that you can offer clients thru your social media. You could also pair up with another wellness entity that caters to seasoned citizens to create an event.  One idea is to host a Pajama Party to bring out the kid in all of us.  Offer a Candy Bar featuring gold candy and give out prizes for PJ categories.  Oriental Trading is a great resource for all the supplies.  Remember that September also features Grandparents Day so you could expand it to include grandchildren and offer cute spa treatments for both.   If you really want to make it special, this event could easily be a fundraising event to support those fighting children’s cancer.

Each day, 42 families in the United States will receive the devastating news that their child or teen has cancer.  I don’t need to remind anyone of the horror of childhood cancers, only the hope that comes with research and support for the families. No fundraising idea is too big or too small to make a lasting impact in the life of a child with cancer.  Please consider doing something appropriate to you practice that will benefit the youngest and bravest of us all.

I promise you will feel golden.

Be well, Do good work and please join me in this effort