Make Sure Your Customers Feel The Love on this Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Valentine’s Day is already on everyone’s hearts and minds even if it’s a few weeks away. You can’t miss the message in most retail establishments and no doubt you’ve already launched Valentine’s Day promotional activities at your spa and massage business -- special gift cards, skin care and massage treatment packages for couples, retail gift suggestions on your social media posts and website, and email marketing campaigns.

But Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only time to show the people who matter you care. In fact, as a small business owner, ‘courting’ your customers year round is something you need to do to keep them coming back for more. February with its focus on Valentine’s Day is a good time to take stock of your customer relationships to make sure that your actions say “I’ve got your best interests at heart.”

Here are five ways let your customers know you care year round:

  • Make a personal connection
  • Make your customers feel special. Get to know what they like and acknowledge it during their treatments and massage. Take it a step further and find out clients’ interests, passions or hobbies. This tells clients that you are thinking about them even after they leave your establishment.

  • Be available
  • Don’t make it difficult for clients to get in touch with you. No one wants to have to call several times before they get a response. Set aside time each day to follow up on phone or email messages and by all means respond to comments on your social media channels.

  • Provide solutions
  • Don’t sell services and products – sell solutions for your client’s pain, tension or skin care issues. Talk about overall health issues. Be a resource even if it means you need to take some time to research a client’s question.

  • Ask for feedback
  • You can do this directly or through email as well as use social media. Asking for input tells your customers that you are committed to making their experience with you as positive as possible. Your commitment to make changes shows you care.

  • Say thanks
  • Make sure your clients understand you appreciate their business. Say thank you after a session or in an email follow-up from time to time. You’ll stand out as a service provider for demonstrating your appreciation for the business.

Send a special Valentine’s Day message

While you want to incorporate the above into your ongoing client relationships, Valentine’s Day gives you a special opportunity to show customer appreciation. Whatever you do -- send out a special Valentine’s Day card, give out a retail sample as a gift to special clients, hold a contest or give away –make sure clients know if comes from the heart.