Helping Hand

This past week has been devastating for many of our fellow American’s who are dealing with the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Harvey.  Their stories have touched the Nation’s heart with deep sadness at the tremendous loss so many are experiencing, as well as with gratitude for the way individuals have come together to help each other. Sometimes it is in the worst of times that we find the best in ourselves.

Many of those most effected by the floods are still in deep shock, they don’t have access to TV or telephone communication, so they may not be aware of how far and wide the floodwaters’ impact is or how many lives have been lost.  They are in crisis mode and it will take a very long time for many of them to shake off the trauma they have experienced.

That trauma has a ripple effect.  It does not just effect those in the midst of the event, it effects their friends and family who cannot contact them; their pets who may be lost and alone; and total strangers watching from afar. The stress of an event like this can penetrate the fabric of ones being, whether a direct victim, a helpless family member, or a caring observer.

As it turns out, massage can be a wonderful stress reliever! It may be a while before the local massage community can activate to help those displaced in Texas. However, their friends, family and others who are feeling stressed by this tragedy may find some relief from your helping hands.

That said, my point isn’t to encourage therapists to use Hurricane Harvey to make a buck off of others suffering, but to instead point out that there are many people close to any given massage practice who are in distress.  When an individual is in distress they do not always ask for help, so it can be nice for help to come looking for them!

There are several actions any therapist, anywhere can take to lend their helping hands to those effected by Hurricane Harvey’s destruction.

  • Offer a special rate to anyone who has friends or family they are worried about in Texas as a gesture of kindness to help them, so they can then be more helpful to those they are worried about.
  • Commit to donating a portion of all regular priced therapies to an organization of your choice that is serving those in Texas.
  • Organize a collecting station at your office and offer donors a coupon for a future therapy or an onsite chair massage.
  • Give blood.


There was a great article on NPR listing organizations helping out in Texas.  Give it a read if you are interested in lending a hand!


To all those effected, our hearts and prayers are with you!