Keeping it Fresh!


I always find it interesting that every spring, my active/athletic clients start the yearly ritual of bemoaning the fact that they are aging. I suspect it occurs this time of year because this is when we start crawling out of our winter caves and challenge our fitness levels with gardening, marathons, and spring cleaning. We realize we may have become complacent and accepted less challenging levels of performance. This is true for clients and us. Spring is, therefore, an ideal time to assess what needs sprucing up in our lives and especially in our practice.


I am not the only one in this profession who has found the need to shake things up and strive for better results. Thank goodness that many of these therapists have published their successful strategies and shared them through workshops. Continuing education has kept me on my toes and increased my ability to address clients’ issues with different tools instead of being stuck in the same old protocols and options. Now I can add Pinterest to my educational and inspirational tools. I know Jean addressed Pinterest in a recent blog, and I want to reiterate its significance now. Many people use it for marketing themselves, which is great, but I have benefited from it differently. It has opened up a whole new way to participate in our community and be exposed to education, business tips, problem-solving, and inspiration.


Since the advent of the internet and specifically YouTube, we can get at least a taste of all kinds of techniques and modalities. The problem was there was so much out there that you easily get overwhelmed. Now with professionals like me (spakamper), who view and only post on Pinterest what we find useful for ourselves, you at least get some filtering of sites that are purely predatory. I have found that I can quickly review information through blogs, videos, infographics, and pictures with a little dedicated time. I am still working on my filing system of these resources – but the benefit has already shown up in the treatment room to my client's delight. I have boards (folders) on general wellness topics, client education, stretches, techniques, equipment, etc. I also have boards that I am starting to build on about specific techniques to use as quick reviews when I have downtime, educators to check out for future workshop attendance, and of course, ideas for my blogs and workshop development.


After two decades, there is always a need to be inspired, encouraged, and renewed. These resources inspire me to try something new, which naturally encourages me to let the lesser things go. Thanks to all these generous professionals, keeping it fresh for me and my clients just got easier.


Be well, Do good work, and Write to me about your inspirations.


P.S. I told you I was playing with some new mediums (keeping it fresh), And I have to tell you that for working around body hair, the Gels are awesome!!!!