Creating a Culture of Gratitude at your Spa or Massage Practice Pays Huge Dividends

You know how much you value your spa or massage practice clients; but do they know? Sometimes just saying thanks at the end of a session isn’t enough to convey your appreciation, especially to clients who have been with you year-after year and refer business. If you want to show clients you really care, offer a special discount on services or retail purchases or create a loyalty program to reward them for their continued business. Also consider holding special customer appreciation events where you entertain clients and update them on the trends in skin treatments and massage.

Apart from rewards and entertainment, you make clients feel special when you:

Make a personal connection

Get to know what they like and acknowledge it during their treatments and massage. Take it a step further and find out clients’ interests, passions or hobbies. This tells clients that you are thinking about them even after they leave your establishment.

Be available

Make it easy for clients to get in touch with you. No one wants to have to call several times before they get a response. Set aside time each day to follow up on phone or email messages and by all means respond to comments on your social media channels.

Provide solutions

Don’t sell services and products – sell solutions for your client’s pain, tension or skin care issues. Talk about overall health issues. Be a resource even if it means you need to take some time to research a client’s question.

Ask for feedback

You can do this directly or through email as well as use social media. Asking for input tells your customers that you are committed to making their experience with you as positive as possible. Your commitment to make changes shows you care.

Show employees you care

It’s not only clients who need to know how much you appreciate them; your team does as well. In fact, when your employees feel undervalued, it’s bad for business. Employees lose motivation when they feel undervalued and this affects their productivity and customer responsiveness. Besides saying thank you for a job well done, you show your employees you value them when you:

  • Communicate
  • Communicating with your team regularly in a group meeting or through one-on-one sessions tells them that they matter to you.

  • Invest in your employees
  • Training isn’t just about being able to meet current responsibilities. Invest in your employees to help them pursue areas that they are interested in to enhance their career. Provide some funding and the time away from work to attend classes to improve their professional skills.

  • Have fun
  • Find time for fun. Get together after work for dinner from time to time to enjoy each other’s company or plan an outing to a sporting event, the theater or whatever activity your team wants. Incorporate team building activities into some of your group events. You also can participate in a local volunteer effort together, which builds a team spirit and is fun at the same time.

Creating a culture of gratitude in your spa or massage practice will strengthen your business. And that’s something to be grateful for.