Make customer appreciation a focus at your spa or massage practice

When is the last time you told your clients how much you appreciated their business? Not that providing outstanding service, an inviting environment and a wide selection of products for at-home use don’t matter. Without them, you couldn’t succeed – at least not for long. But that extra effort you make to say and demonstrate how much you value client loyalty can turn a relationship from a good one into a great one that lasts for years.

Client appreciation should be an ongoing strategic focus of your business, not unlike marketing or social media. As your business grows, you may have other demands that defocus you from nurturing client relationships. While it may not be intentional; it happens. Clients may begin to feel underappreciated and look elsewhere. A study by the Rockefeller Corporation points out that 82% of customers will leave because they think you do not care about them. That’s not a good reason to lose clients when you can without a lot of effort turn that situation around.

Show appreciation in simple ways

Take a few minutes at the end of the day – or have someone on your team do it – to send off an email or text message to clients thanking them for the session. You also may want to send personal notes to some clients periodically letting them know how much you value their business.

Keep up contact in between visits with an email newsletter to let clients know what’s new at your spa or massage practice. Include advice for good skin care and health as well as trends in the marketplace. (A realtor I know sends out updates on the neighborhood listings and real estate trends and includes recipes for healthy eating.)

If you see an article online that you know would be of interest to a client, send them the link or a PDF. You also can copy an article you find in print and mail it. The gesture indicates you have your client’s best interests at heart.

Go the extra mile

While keeping in touch and expressing thanks directly goes a long way to show appreciation, here are some other ways to let clients know they are important to your spa or massage practice:

Personalize the service: One size doesn’t fit all and it shouldn’t. Every client has unique needs. The more you know about your client, the more you can personalize the service from using products that contain ingredients they like to playing their favorite music during a session. Also package treatments for maximum results and offer a discount to make it easier for clients to try them out. Another way to personalize service is have at-home products ready to discuss with clients after a treatment, pointing out why you selected them and answering questions.Offer samples for trial.

Ask for input: Nothing is more flattering than asking someone for their input. You can send out a survey to ask clients what they like about your spa or massage practice and to recommend ways you can improve. Also periodically ask them for feedback during treatment times. Circle back to clients and let them know how you plan to use their recommendations

Promote clients: On your website or in your social media channels, showcase clients, who agree to participate of course. Customer testimonials are of great value to your spa or massage practice, but you also can help clients promote their business or special passion by showcasing them in your promotional efforts. You may want to do question-and-answer sessions or even short videos about their lives and/or work, their reasons for coming to your spa or massage practice and why you service “fits the bill.”

Hold a special event: One day a year, hold a client appreciation day with refreshments, special packages and discounts and even free treatments such as a 15-minute neck massage, for example. Send everyone home with a small retail gift item.

At the end of the day, your spa or massage practice is all about the clients. Let them know that.