Flourish in 2017

In preparation for the New Year I have a tradition of identifying some important influences that I think I should focus on for the upcoming 12 months, professionally and personally. I admit that sometimes I am dead on and sometimes I experience big surprises. Accuracy is not as important as the process. One of the most significant choices is my WORD for the next year. A lot of people do this and it’s an interesting touchstone to talk about with clients. This year I struggled a little until on December 31 I saw a column about how Flourish would be a great word for 2017.

I also spend a good deal of time in December researching current and projected wellness trends for the next year. I assess which ones appeal to me personally and the ones that I feel will impact my clients. From there I look at ways that I can affordably provide/tweak my services to tie in with the trends. Then, as I have for the last seven years, I share them with you.Here is the primary list I have compiled:

Pollution Detox - more and more is known about the effects of air pollution on our systems, our aging and to our skin. As clients become more aware they will continue to seek treatments that help combat the effects. Detoxifying menu items will once again step up in importance. Some of the ingredients include charcoal, Salt, seaweed, and white tea. Types of services will include exfoliations, heated treatments, body wraps and saunas with aromatherapy.

Noise/Electronic Detox - Anxiety/stress and sleep disruption is a big topic of concern. Again we are learning more about how our growing dependence to electronic devises may be robbing us of our mental health. Clients will look increasingly for places that not only treat the body but also allow a sanctuary from noise and other outside influences. Quiet to actual silent periods may be intertwined with guided meditation opportunities.

Modern Life Detox- We are still seeing an increasing interest in alternative and indigenous wellness traditions. For example The Olympics gave cupping huge exposure that prompted lots of discussion. The Millennials were largely responsible for that as they continue to become a greater percentage of our clients. It is important that we are aware of their particular viewpoint and needs. Including organic and natural products, services that appeal to male clients and treatments that are customized.

Another concept that is gaining attention and being explored is the difference between Wellness and Well-being. Think about that. Pintrest reported that searches for Self-Care went up 121 percent this last year. People are looking for ways to improve their lives that are meaningful and affordable. A Perfect trend for us since who is better suited to support our clients in this quest.

I want to leave you with a quote from that column about Flourish “ Imagine flourishing. To choose to flourish is an intentional act to increase your well-being in a profound way, improve your health and extend your longevity. Now imagine choosing flourish as your daily word for 2017 to anchor your life and sense of purpose. To choose to flourish is a bold affirmation of your life and continued emergence as a person.”


Be well, Do good work, and share your 2017 focus with us.