Fight off holiday stress at your spa or massage practice

Are you feeling overwhelmed during this holiday season trying to keep up with the demands of your spa or massage practice and at the same time meet the expectations of friends and family? At times like this, you want to take stock of the situation and make some changes to keep the holiday spirit alive and also achieve year-end business goals.  Here are some things to do:

Set goals: Meet with your team and set daily goals for the month so that everyone in on board to maximize holiday sales. You may want to set goals for the amount of gift cards or gift certificates to sell by the last day of the year, retail items you want to move off shelves or add-on holiday skin treatments you want to book. Track progress daily and reward employees for meeting goals.

Prioritize: You can’t do everything and that’s never truer than at a time when there is so much more on your plate. When it comes to holiday parties and getting together with friends, don’t overcommit yourself. You always can defer a lunch or dinner until after the holidays when things calm down. Even If you have to put volunteer commitments on the back burner, don’t feel bad. The priority is to take care of yourself and the things that need to get done in the final month of the year.

Delegate: Try to delegate at much as possible to your team at your spa or massage practice. Delegation also applies to your personal life. If you are hosting a dinner, ask friends or family members to help you by picking up needed items for the meal.

Stop seeking perfection: Stress may be stemming from your need to do everything just right. While that’s challenging most of the time, it’s particularly difficult when your workload and the demands on your personal time are mounting. Plan your time. Decide how much you can devote to each project and then move on.  

Take a break at least once during the day: Go into your office and close the door or head out for a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop. You need to take a break and disengage from all the activity around even briefly to refuel and refresh.

Do something for someone else: Put everyone in a happy spirit. Bring in a cake or send out for a pizza for your team. Say hi to someone when you’re walking down the street or thank a customer service rep for helping you over the phone. If you are feeling down, making someone feel good is a sure way to lift your spirits.

Take care of yourself this holiday season despite the pressures. Don’t overlook the signs that you need to make some changes to keep your spirits up.