“Enter Curious...Leave Curious (but with credentials)”

This is a quote Susan Salvo, one of our master educators and textbook authors, shared on Facebook.  It pretty much sums up how I feel about life long education. Speaking of feelings…… Hope you are having a great month.  Since I just attended a Walt Fritz Myofascial workshop in Nashville TN, it was a very good one for me.  This experience reminded me that although I understand the appeal and ease of online CEU’s and have used them; I personally learn so much more when in the company of gifted and curious therapists.   Curiosity is one of the most important tools you can bring to an event. 

It’s always a bonus when a workshop draws all kinds of therapists. For example this class included occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, and massage therapists.  We had massage therapists who worked in settings that ranged from clinical, franchise, spas, yogis, …….  In addition there were retired dancers (ballet), athletes, professional singers, and business owners.  It was a room rich in varied experience, backgrounds and approaches to their practice.  Curiosity about your fellow participants is an opportunity to learn much more then technique. 

One thing that Walt strongly encourages is that participants partner up with different people each practical exchange.  I know it’s a little bit daunting, especially since some people believe the majority of massage therapists are introverted. hmmmm .  But I believe its well worth the effort.  Other than massage school, when do you get the opportunity to practice on so many different bodies and experience touch by so many different therapists?  It is fascinating to compare and contrast everyone’s interpretation of the technique just demonstrated.  My Dad always said that everyone you meet knows something you don’t; your job is to learn what it is.   Really pay attention and be curious about what your partner is bringing with them to the table.

One of the things I’ve noticed about my favorite educators and presenters are they all have abundant curiosity as a common denominator.  They teach, write, create visual content all in the name of documenting that journey of curiosity and discovery.  Sometime it’s like falling down the rabbit hole, but it’s always illuminating.  Walt Fritz is a perfect example. http://www.myofascialresource.com   He has an awesome website that I not only use, but I refer my clients to on a regular basis.  It has something for everybody.  There is a professional‘s blog that explores theories about what we as therapists are really doing, along with research, and other resources for discussion. (Rabbit hole time).  He has technique content that I use all the time and he has self care tips.  I know I have found a valuable resource when I find myself returning again and again because it find it curiouser and curiouser with each visit.

Biotone’s website is another example of a great professional resource. It includes product info, business tips, menu ideas, protocol sheets, and video technique clips- all in one place.  Also they want to know what you are curious about.  I find them incredibly responsive to questions and inquiries.  I have had representatives from customer service contact me on numerous occasions with questions directly from you.

My Silver Anniversary as a massage Therapist begins in 2016.   I plan to celebrate it in many different ways but most importantly I am leaving myself open to where my curiosity leads me.  I hope that includes crossing paths with many of you.

Be well, Do good work, and write to us what you are curious about.