Could your Attitude be driving away Spa or Massage Practice Clients?

You may not realize it, but your attitude may be driving away your spa or massage practice clients. Even if you are providing outstanding professional service, your clients may be put off if they find you difficult to deal or you start to take them for granted. Building relationships over the long term matters to your business, so you want to be sure you aren’t putting up roadblocks – consciously or unconsciously.

Ask yourself if the following sound familiar. If any do, it’s time for a change.

You think you know more than your Customers

As a service provider, you have the expertise that brings clients in the door, but that doesn’t mean that you always know what’s best for them. If you make your clients feel ignorant or intimidate them into taking your advice, at some point they probably will resent your attitude. You want to make your clients feel comfortable and that starts with a conversation about their needs, a discussion of options and an explanation of your recommendations. The goal is to partner with your clients over their health and skin care needs.

You are Certain the Client Relationship is Solid

Never assume that a client relationship won’t end, no matter how solid you think it is. Any time you start taking your clients for granted, you open the door to their leaving for the competition.

You View some Clients as Less Valuable than others

No doubt, you have clients that spend more with your each week or month than others. However that doesn’t make them more valuable. Even clients that spend a little can be enormously important because of their longevity, their recommendations to other prospective clients, and the possibility that their needs will change over time requiring more or different services or product offerings. Make every client feel valuable no matter how much they spend with your spa or massage practice. It will pay huge dividends in the long run.

You are Cutting Corners that affect Customers

Of course your profit margins count, but you also need to maintain the quality experience and service clients have come to expect. Quality can be affected if you fail to keep up the décor of your establishment or switch treatment products to save money or trim staff to cut costs but compromise your customer service in the process. When you compromise or lower quality, you lose clients.

You Hold back on Growth that could Help Clients

Your clients’ needs may be changing but to meet them requires making an investment in new treatments, products or equipment. You may find to expand services, your staff require additional training you need to ramp up hiring. Whatever the need, you can lose customers if you fail to put in the time and money to meet evolving client needs.

If you want to maintain a winning business, conduct a check-up periodically to make sure your attitude is engaging clients and not driving them out the door.