Dance With the One That Brought You

September may seem a little early to be thinking about Thanksgiving, unless you are a retailer or you are going to use it as an opportunity to “dance with the ones that brought you”... In other words, to show appreciation to those who have provided support and patronage. I know that a lot of business use Christmas for this purpose. But I asked myself a long time ago why should I present my tribute to people at a time when it will end up competing with their insurance agents, hairdressers etc. It has always made the most sense to me to use the holiday that we all celebrate, to express what that holiday is all about.

My November always includes a customer loyalty program promotion. Some years it is a gift certificate for added value services in November/December. I always let them pick which services they want to experience. This gives me a clear idea of which services are most appealing; therefore it’s a great time for me to evaluate my menu for the next year and to try out new treatment ideas. Plus the timing of these wellness boosters helps prepare clients for the rigors of the 30 plus days of the “holiday season”.

Other years I have chosen to give travel sizes of products that I utilize in the treatment room and they have fallen in love with. For example past favorites have been Polar Lotion, Muscle and Joint Therapeutic Massage Creme, and self-massage tools. These are extremely beneficial to my clients that travel during this time of year. It reinforces that I support them in their quest s and brings me to mind no matter what part of the globe they are.

This year I am setting up a custom blending bar for the month of November. My clients and I will collaborate on customized aromatherapy selections just for them. Custom blending is cost effective but can be a little time consuming so I am going to preselect recipe options and allow an extra 15 minutes per session that will be involved. The clients that are booked more frequently that month will have the opportunity to discuss their wishes and needs in more detail and research what they want, which will allow us to take their selections to a higher level of customization. Everyone will take home their customized oils along with suggestions on how to incorporate it. By the way, this is all building up to a KISS aromatherapy workshop I will be presenting in the New Year. It will be part of a Sunday afternoon wellness series.

The workshops are another way of expressing my appreciation, since clients are not the only ones I want the show gratitude to. These mini workshops are a way to say thank you to those who have helped me by offering business and personal support. Businesses I have co-marketed with, business people who have mentored me, and other professionals that have shared their expertise with me. Through these workshops I can share some of my professional knowledge on a personal level, provide a show case for some of those other businesses and offer practical examples of how a well lived life can include fiscal pursuits with a conscience.

That is what I wish for all of us “A Life Well Lived”

Be well, do good work, and write often.