Bringing Purpose to your Practice

A lot of you have shared your struggles with making a living pursuing your passion of massage therapy and burnout.  I don’t have any quick answers but I want to offer this: Passion is a wonderful place to start and inspires us on the good days but purpose takes it across the finish line when is get’s real.  Passion speaks to why you love your work; Purpose speaks to why you do the work.  The intersection of the two is your professional sweet spot. 

Helping people is a noble purpose.  But how do we define our purpose when we are not working on enough people or we have a crisis of confidence …. By getting involved in your community and the lives of those around you.  I’m going to invite you to join me in my commitment to adding a higher purpose to my profession by committing to “A Year of Giving Back”. 

Every month in 2018 I’m featuring a combination of wellness education, charity and/or recognition thru specials and wellness events.  This will allow me to be creative, support my clients, and network.  Some will be simple, some will be more complex, but all will be significant.  I will share with you my brainstorming ideas so hopefully there is something for everyone not matter the setting or clientele.

Back in Balance January

For a lot of clients that means detoxifying the excesses of the holidays so we are keeping it simple.

Special Promotion Menu: You can offer one or a package of all four–once a week for the month. Biotone has quite a few protocol suggestions on their website. I recommend:

Beautifully Balanced; DeStress Detox; Clarifying Detox; Deep Sea Detoxify. 

Lagniappe (complimentary): Start every massage with a 5 min body brushing and offer a detoxifying aromatherapy option. (10 drops of Detoxifying Spa Complex to 1oz massage)

Wellness Education: Many of my clients are into aromatherapy so I have a handout about traditional oils used for detoxifying along with recipes for lotion, spa waters, and baths.


Open your Heart and Feed Your Soul February

February is the month of the heart: literal and figurative.  It contains Heart Health Awareness Month, Valentine’s Day and Random Acts of Kindness Day. It’s a great month to launch a commitment to giving back to the community. It’s also a great opportunity to explore Biotone’s Coco Comfort Balm.

Special Promotions Menu:

Couples massage - check out the Deeply Devoted Protocol sheet

Massage Special - Hot Coco Stone Massage

Spa Specials:  Pick one or mix them up as a package: Try some of these Protocols Sheets for inspiration:

Heat and Sole Foot Massage; Romantic Retreat; Sweet Treat; Sweet as can Be

Opportunity to Give Back: Create an Aromatherapy Chocolate Bar (retail) – Give clients an opportunity to try different chocolates including Orange, Mint, Mexican and Milk chocolates.   Then give them a chance to duplicate their favorites by Mixing 2 oz of Biotone’s Coco Comfort Balm with 10-20 drops essential oils of orange, mint, cinnamon, or Biotone’s Milk and Honey spa complex. Charge Fifteen dollars. Donate a portion of it to The American Heart Association.

Lagniappe (complementary): On Wear Red Day give clients a complementary treatment if they are wearing red.  Create a display where people can post ideas/memories of Random Acts of Kindness.  Include heart shaped stones in every massage possibly as hand stones.

Wellness Education: Romancing your-self: Not everyone is in a romantic relationship, so consider a twist on the theme.   Promote the idea of self love with displayed quotes and hand outs of self love indulgences.  Offer a special spa event around/on Valentine’s Day. You could even make a bigger splash by coordinating with other businesses like a yoga studio. I’m planning a simple Happy Hour event called “Love Spells” that incorporates a short class on aromatherapy and a desert bar.

I know this is a lot of information to cover but I want to give you lead time in case you are considering joining me in a “Year of Giving Back”.  I can’t wait to see your pictures and hear your stories. 

“We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

Be well, do good work, and share what your purpose is.