Bring the Joy of Spa to Your Treatment Room

My professional mantra has evolved overtime to include being calm, strong, grateful, and present. This year I am adding joyful. You might thinks this is an old professional focus. But trust me, after over 20 years in the business I find it extremely important, if for nothing else, to prevent burn out.

My therapy style is a form and function based. My clients are primarily Aging Amateur Athletes. Now if you don't work with AAAs let me fill you in. They are intense individuals. They are intense about their workouts, their bodies, their recreations, and their professions. They demand the most of themselves and their support systems. They are constantly challenging themselves and me. They expect me to be available, well trained, knowledgeable, goal oriented, focused and intense. And I love it!

Last year I was lucky enough to have my private practice increase significantly. 2010 was full of intense and demanding work focused on relieving client discomfort and keeping form optimal for training and physical challenges. Unfortunately, during this goal driven intensity we sacrificed some of the celebration and joy. For 2011, I am committed to achieving a workable balance between meeting the goals and stopping to smell the roses, lavender, litsea, mint, etc.

My plan is simple: therapeutic spa has always been an important modality and now it will be my tool for delivering joy. No matter what, I will end every session with a mental tickle like Fire and Ice. This is simply utilizing heat like stones or packs followed up with a light application of Polar Lotion on a specific area, like feet or the back. It really does almost feel like a tickle and it always brings a smile to my clients face.

Join me in committing to bringing the joy of spa into your treatment room and share you experiences with us so that we can all celebrate.