You and your spa or massage practice benefit from continuing education

With today’s rapid pace of change, you won’t want to walk out the door of your school with diploma in hand and say goodbye to the books (or tablets) forever. Professional and retail products, skin care treatments and massage therapy protocols and knowledge about the body and healthcare are constantly improving and evolving so that in the best interests of your clients and your career you need to keep up to date. Then too as a business owner or manager, there always are new and better ways to boost operations, marketing and sales and management you’ll want to know about.

While there are many things you can learn from journals and industry magazines, industry seminars and even networking online with others in your field or at professional events, at some point you may need a more formalized approach to learning. Your state licensing renewal requirements may require that you continue taking classes; and the same goes for keeping professional Board Certification. Continuing education is generally a requirement for re-certification.


To continue your education you can opt for classroom instruction or with the plethora of online instruction, you conveniently can learn from the comfort of your work or home office. Whether you want to add a new massage modality, such as aromatherapy or Thai massage, to your professional services menu, there’s a course for you. Also if you are working in a highly competitive marketplace, taking courses can help you become more of an expert in a specialty to expand your reputation and set you apart from the competition.

While learning to advance your career or business is important, there are other benefits from continuing your education:

Personal enrichment

You get enjoyment by learning new things or new ways to do things.  By talking classes in your chosen field or others, you can find more satisfaction in your work.


No matter how much you love your work, there are times when things may feel routine. By learning new techniques and deepening you knowledge of certain modalities and skin care treatments, you stay motivated.

Enhances creativity and thinking


The more you learn; the more knowledge you have to draw on when new situations arise. Also as pointed out in “The Secret to Creativity, Intelligence and Scientific Thinking: Being Able to Make Connections,” the more you collect ideas and information and make connections between those various ‘dots’ helps to fuel creative thinking and new ideas.


Improves mental health


Research shows that lifelong learning helps to improve self-esteem, optimism and the ability to cope with stress, reports the UK’s National Health Service. It helps to give purpose and to connect with others.


Whether you study online or prefer a classroom environment; take advantage of the many classes available that will help you achieve your professional goals and personal satisfaction.