Antioxidants for Health and Beauty

GREEN TEA has long been known for its antioxidants that help protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals. It is now being promoted to clients in skin care, as beauty is not skin deep... it's all the way to the cell.

Capitalizing on all the current interest, I have featured as my summertime special, the incorporation of BIOTONE's Green Tea and Lime Leaf Complex in my massage oil, finishing lotion and body treatments.

My clients love the clean refreshing scent and the health benefits of this "herbal with a twist" complex, ranging from the antioxidant protection of the green tea (found to be even more effective than Vitamin C and Vitamin E in protecting cells from damage) to the relaxing effects of the lime leaf.

In my spa packages I utilize the following soothing spritzer recipe for facial massages:

  • Simply steep green tea in a mineral water for at least one hour.
  • Strain the liquid into a sterilized spray bottle and use as a refreshing face mist. (I keep it in the refrigerator.) You can also soak cotton pads in the chilled tea and place gently under the eyes to refresh tired eyes.

My foot treatments begin with a soak of a green tea and sea salt combination. I also use one-half a lime to apply the sea salt glow to exfoliate and I use the other half sliced thinly to float in the foot soak and to serve with their chilled or hot green tea.

By utilizing these ingredients in creative ways, I keep the session fresh and ensure a memorable experience for my clients. By showing attention to detail I let my clients know how special they are to me. And the bottom line is... we all want our clients to always feel special.

I welcome you to try out my soothing spritzer recipe and look forward to hearing what your clients thought. I also invite you to let your fellow massage therapists know what ways you are incorporating antioxidants into your treatments.